Throatwarbler Mangrove (yougimmepanda) wrote in a23,
Throatwarbler Mangrove

Assemblage 23 Rarities part 2 CD pre-orders being taken

From the website:

"I've opened up pre-orders for Early, Rare, and Unreleased Volume 2 on the Assemblage 23 Online Store. Remember, this is limited to 1000 copies, so once it's gone, it's gone. Also, even though the release date is February 10th, there is a pretty strong possibility I will be able to ship these by February 1st or thereabouts, so pre-orders will actually ship out a week early! These can also be signed upon request, just indicate in the special instructions of the order form that you'd like it signed."

Link here:

Just fyi, this CD will feature the cover of "Love My Way" that a lot of people seemed to enjoy during Tom's early days.
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