Throatwarbler Mangrove (yougimmepanda) wrote in a23,
Throatwarbler Mangrove

Last Philadelphia Venue Change

OK, there is a problem with the new Philly venue, so there is yet another change. Please read if you are going to the Philly show:

"The venue to which we moved this show, Whiskey Dix, lost it's lease. It has been a race against time for the lawyers to get the place open again before our Oct 7th show. They still tell me that they don't know if it will be open or not.

The new Venue website is:

The address is:
7 Ritner St.
Philadelphia, PA 19148.

The New Alhambra is on Swanson St that runs behind club Risque on Deleware Ave. It is just under the 95 over pass attached to a Forman Mills discount store. There will be street teamers out in front of Whiskey Dix, handing out fliers to anyone who shows up there with the new address and directions

Please spread the word as swiftly as possible."
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