Throatwarbler Mangrove (yougimmepanda) wrote in a23,
Throatwarbler Mangrove

Nashville show cancelled

From Tom:

It is with great regret that I have to announce that Assemblage 23's Nashville date this Monday the 24th has to be cancelled. About 5 miles outside of Fayetteville, AR, the torque converter on our van blew, making it impossible for the van to drive above 30 MPH and drive up anything more than a slight incline. Being that tomorow is Sunday, the soonest we will be able to get it repaired is Monday, and the drive is too long for us to be able to make it to Nashville on time. We apologize deeply for any disappointment or inconvenience this causes, but obviously, this is something that was out of our control and we are doing our best to rectify the problem so no further cancellations are necessary. The Fayetteville show tonight WILL be happening, so PLEASE come out and say hello. After the day we've had, we could really use the lift in spirits! Thanks
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